Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Patterson's book on Middle School

Ok, so it has been quite awhile since I have posted a blog. In fact, it has been so long that I didn't quite know how to start again.

Then I read this book and found that I HAD to tell someone about it! It was so bad, and it spurred so much negative emotion, that I found I had to tell other people!

This book encompasses all of the stereotypes and cliches that adults think of middle school-aged students. I am extremely disappointed that Patterson would take the easy way out and not research his topic!

Don't waste your time on this one! A far better read is The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie

Friday, February 12, 2010

Feburary: Month of Caring

I grabbed my camera and took a walk down the hallways to see what was happening in advisory today!

What a joy to see our middle school students performing acts of kindness for others!
I LOVE working with such great people!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Returning from Break

I think a break every now and then is a good thing for middle school children! The atmosphere this morning is extremely positive! Students (and teachers) appear rested, relaxed and ready to give their best effort for the next 3/12 weeks!

We have a busy December, filled with basketball games, wrestling meets, music concerts, and (most importantly) academics! At times I wonder how the children fit in all of their school commitments with all their family and church commitments at night! I have determined that they have to be highly-skilled at weekly and monthly planning and also have tremendous organizations skills to meet all of these demands!

We all know that organization and planning are not the 2 strongest traits of a young adolescent! Therefore, I must give credit to parental support--for the tools you provide for your child (calendars, post-it notes and planners), as well as the constant verbal reminders they need. But most of all---thank you for the your patience! I realize there are times that you truly wonder if their memory has been surgically removed. Yet, it is simply the typical life of a middle school child. They need you now more than ever in their life---and I promise--it will get easier in a few years!

Enjoy the next few weeks as you and your middle school child prepare for the holidays. Find the joy in their quirks and laugh at their silliness. (When laughter doesn't work---try deep breaths).

Thank you for sending them to school today with a smile---We will do our best to send them back to you on December 23rd with that same positive attitude!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Student-Involved Conferences

The staff at the middle school would like to invite all parents to join us on October 22nd or 27th for a 15 minute conference among you, your child, and your child's adviser! This special time has been set aside to allow our students to tell their parents all the wonderful things that are happening at our school.

Your child will share some samples of work from his/her classes-- including homework assignments, tests and quizzes. He/She will also share highlights from the year, quirky things that may have happened, and areas where improvement is needed. We consider this time a celebration of learning and we encourage you, as the parent, to listen carefully and ask questions.

In past years we have been proud to say that 100% of our parents had a fall conference. We will shoot for that again this year. Your child is bringing home your conference time; however, if he/she has lost it between the locker and your house---please call the school and we can let you know.

I hope to see you there!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Choking Game

It came to my attention today that we have students in the middle school who get together at parties and sleepovers and play, The Choking Game. This game involves one child restricting oxygen through the use of their hands, arms, ropes or belts. Children get a "high" when the pressure is released and blood rushes back to the brain. The sensations can become extremely addictive. We believe this to be a very serious issue and certainly can be life threatening.

Whether or not you suspect your child of participating in this activity, please engage them in an immediate discussion regarding the life-threatening dangers and consequences. If you would like additional information on this, please visit one of the following websites: www.chokinggame.net or www.stop-the-choking-game.com

Feel free to call me at the school if you have any questions.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Movie Production at DCG MS!

A production company that is making a movie in the Dallas Center area called and asked to rent the middle school this Saturday, Sept. 26th. The movie is entitled Smitty and it should be a G or PG family film. The crew is asking for 80 middle school students and 12 adults to serve as "extras".

It should be a fun experience---Lou Gossett Jr. and Peter Fonda are both actors in the production. Students who were interested picked up a permission form from the office. They will be bringing it home for a signature, and they need to return it tomorrow by 8:30 am.

If we have more than 80 students who return the forms, we will draw names.

Please call me at school if you have questions.